My name is Doris Wimmer, I'm originally from Steyr in Upper Austria and work in communication design.

I believe truly excellent design solutions have a well thought-out concept and a clear design; this is why I invest my time into the details. Design is my passion, and I try to maintain a wide range of skills including concept creation, effective corporate design, high quality typography, concise print products, clever packaging and current technologies of web development.

My education in design started early in Linz, Austria at a high school focused in communication and media design. I am currently attending the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences pursuing a degree in Multi-Media Art studies which has sparked an additional interest in photography. I enjoy capturing beautiful images with my digital SLR, as well as experimenting with my lomography fisheye camera.

In my spare time, I travel to remote destinations by backpack, getting to know people from other cultures, exploring the world and finding inspiration. My travels have taken me through Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Singapore and the U.S., where I've been doing an internship in Los Angeles, California.

Social design and collaborative consumption has become an important aspect of my design within the last year. I was inspired by graphic designer, Angie Rattay, whose work spotlights environmental concerns. I now see the numerous ways designers can use our occupation to better society and change minds.


Doris Wimmer

Matthias, pigeon and me at Wall Street, New York